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Humor Page

Last Update: March 17, 2018

A little levity never hurt...

Here's the story of a Golf Quitter.
I like the theme of "Nutritious Eating".
Can you guys identify with "Emergency Flowers"?
How about some "Old People Funnies".
Here's an interesting math problem.
Sent by a friend from high school--Churches in Las Vegas.
How a rabbit holds up a snowman.
Monk transferring archives to CD.
Here are some signs the starship Enterprise is nearing the end of its warranty.
You have to start somewhere, but this teen driver was apparently a bit too much for her mom!
What every woman wants--"He-mote Control".
Story of some double-decker blondes.
New Orleans dilemma.
Gas prices humor. Item #1 Item #2 Item #3
Proper use of seat belts.
Garfield's view of mornings.
Another computer tech support joke.
Call for a ride.
Some golf meditations I was sent...
I was sent some miscellaneous funnies.
Talk about a bad card game!
Fishing with Moses could be interesting...
Adult Dog Store graphic.
Bad Parenting graphic.
MS Word for Blondes graphic.
Nails graphic.
Pens graphic.
Scale graphic.
Snail & turtle graphic.
Stray bar graphic.
Hearing aid...
New lyrics from 60's artists.
A different kind of blonde joke.
Some cooking terms.
The story of the "sore knee".
Doctors in masks.
Words from the "Wise".
A little miscommunication...
For the college students...some class evaluations.
Man and an ostrich.
Golfers' priority photo.
Top ten signs you've bought a lemon of a car.
Did you know what moms really want?
I was sent information on the new AAADD ailment or older people. Wait! Maybe that's me!!??
Bible items that drive the left crazy.
Interesting things learned from children.
Some airline gripe sheets about maintenence.
A friend sent this joke about Cajun Fishing.
Golf wisdom.
Gas servicemen footrace.
The death of common sense (a sad commentary on our society).
One tough teacher!
Best headlines of 2002.
News flash!! Photo of golfing in heaven!!!!
A current interest story about Inspector Mom.
Interesting story about measuring a skyscraper.
Help wanted story.
Technology for country folk.
A golf joke.
Some interesting signs seen at various places.
Good old Dave.
Food spoilage tips for bachelors...
Gas prices have REALLY gotten out of hand here!
Pilot stories.
"Dr. Seuss" computer story.
The pessimist.
What am I?
How to interpret employment ads.
Women waiting for the perfect man.
I had the world's meanest parents...
Special effects at a revival meeting.
Brief history of math instruction.
Man in a gorilla suit.
Some tongue-in-cheek mother's tributes.
An interesting cure.
Ever wonder what the back of a smiley face looks like? Click here and you won't have to wonder any more.
Flying joke.
Don't we just love the postal service?
Some thoughts for those who take life too seriously.
One sent by my cousin about men working...
As the United States tax deadline approaches...
Skiing quote from Dave Barry.
More help comprehending engineers.
Needed two by fours.
Here's another version of the "words" joke below. No wonder English is so difficult for others to learn!
This graphic displays the difference in men's and women's shopping habits.
Atheist and a Christian.
Duck hunting fiasco.
Are you the weakest link?
The mirror.
Some church funnies.
Learned in Yale...
"Not The Seniors"...sent by one of my senior friends. :)
A fun "literal test".
Interesting male/female perspectives.
Some George Carlin quotes to ponder...
Some "God Speaks" billboards have been showing up lately. Here's a list of some.
A hillbilly farmer joke.
My sister sent me another blonde joke--something my family of blondes enjoy! :)
The "so called" truth about chocolate from my chocoholic friends. :)
Keeping a healthy (?) level of insanity.
You know you've had too much coffee when...
Classified ads.
Punny stuff...
Look out for new taxi drivers!
Not a joke, but a good point!
New 2001 computer viruses you should know about.
Some interesting computer viruses.
A few questions for you...
Watch what you ask for...
The boy who found Adam's underwear.
Students' answers on music exams.
A new look at health, "from the beginning".
Some redneck computer lingo.
Unique way to mow the lawn.
Actual newspaper headlines.
Advice to pilots.
Some more clean jokes.
Gas prices have really gotten unreasonable.
How the current computer and internet craze began...
A mother's concerned letter over computer camp.
A fun little quiz to see how old you are.
Computer Emergency Room.
Story about a parrot and a magician.
Signs you live in the year 2001.
Having a spell check feature really helps...sometimes!
Interesting letter of recommendation.
I was sent some amazing answers on food and exercise.
It's tough getting old. Or so I'm told... :)
Interesting twist on "Hide & Seek".
Check out this new element...
Tired of those cryptic Windows error messages? See what you might get with Japanese poety...
Letter from daughter in college. (I guess having one in college made this catch my eye! :)
Hunting dog.
Catholic math...
What would Jesus drive?
More funny bumper stickers...(most of them!)
God is watching story.
Why American's shouldn't travel. (Stories from travel agents.)
Incredible sports quotes.
Interesting job problems.
Excuses for missing school.
At the movies.
Another lawyer joke.
Interesting approach to money.
More computer humor.
Christian signs and bumper stickers.
Poem for computer users over 30.
Nationality of Jesus Christ.
A little medical humor.
Texas joke that is making it's way across e-mail. (Guess we'll have more now with a US President from the state.)
More lawyer jokes...apologies to my lawyer friends. :)
Story of an adopted rabbit...
A Snoopy cartoon for the IRS.
Signs on church property.
A collection of short jokes.
What does the congressional chaplain do?
More political humor about Florida.
Some "not so brilliant" criminals.
Political humor (Florida bumper stickers) from the recent election.
A little "northern" humor...
Pillsbury obituary.
Signs you're in for a looooong sermon.
A bit of Courtroom Humor.
Some "wisdom" (?) from one of my cousins.
The computer widow.
Someone sent this me one about how teens are like cats.
Here are some Kid Humor stories I was sent.
Some religious one-liners.
Read about a speedy old Dodge.
An amazing scale.
Interesting computer terms.
A friend sent some "idiot sightings".
Some firms need to do a better job of proof reading.
Here are some miscellaneous funnies.
Actual accident summaries.
Some "facts of life".
Was Noah a fisherman?
How to drive in Houston. (No doubt sent to me by a friend who knows I'm a native Houstonian.)
Aggie computer virus. (for my Texas friends who enjoy telling Texas A & M jokes...)
A fire on the farm.
An ice-fishing Texan.
Two lawyers in a diner.
Teacher in court.
God's job on creation according to a granddaughter.
It's an old one, but I thought I'd add the Potato Head family joke.
Louisiana baby food.
Multicultural construction crew.
Interesting view of Psalm 23.
An expensive lawyer.
Things Dads won't say.
Another religious joke.
And you thought you knew it all...
I was sent a couple of "relationship" jokes. Exact Change and Devoted Wife.
Here's another reason the belief in going to heaven at death is flawed.
Some interesting parenting advice...
Computer tech support payment...
My family & I are all blondes. Well, OK, most of mine has turned gray! :) But we enjoy blonde jokes.
Here's a groaner cowboy story.
Some sermons fly.
For those who like words...
I'm posting this on April 17--tax day in the US this year. The accountant in me can't resist posting this about the world's strongest man.
Computer technical support is often quite interesting!
Leave it to my relatives...! Here's one from my uncle about the Lone Ranger.
Here's one I was sent about anointing.
Even hillbillies know first aid!
I read an interesting story about a child's prayer.
Interested in some wise sayings? How about these?
Then there were the hair salon signs...
A pretty lady buys some material. Read how she pays the bill. :)
My niece shared some humorous Employee Performance Revues with me.
And then there were the cola wars... This is a nightmare of a lab report.
My sister-in-law sent us these Bumper Stickers for Women. My wife loved them, so I thought we'd share.
My cousin grew up on a farm in Arkansas. He sent me this picture of an Arkansas motorcycle.
Here's one about a Holland farmer.
Someone sent me this joke making fun of construction crews...
Here's some airline humor for those like me who enjoy flying...
Some word definitions to think about...
How are women and men like cats & dogs?
Thoughts for the new Millennium by George Carlin
Lessons learned from Noah's ark
Have you ever been put off the train?
An interesting courtroom drama...
An answered prayer.  God sent a professional.
Rain on a plane...
Preacher and a Choir Member
Honoring a dying man's wish...
What if these corporate mergers occurred?
Scientists playing in the dirt...
Sightings for the "Here’s Your Sign" song?
Rules for writers
If Dr. Seuss did technical writing...
Why the chicken crossed the thoughts on an age-old question...
Think you’re having a bad day? Click here to check this out...
Back to driving school...
Dave Barry on aging...

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