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Last Update: September 25, 2013


Links to Church of God, a Worldwide Association pages:

Church of God, a Worldwide Assocation main site --

Various Links:
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Click this icon to get your free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hear the Bible read on your computer at this site.

Link to know when Daylight Saving Time begins & ends each year.

Directory service online for individuals or business is available at

Near real time earthquake information from the National Earthquake Information Center.

Here's a good site for health information and research, Their page says they are the winner of eHealthcareworld’s Silver Award for Best Health Portal, and are one of the most visited and respected consumer health sites. "HealthScout is a leading provider of personalized health management tools including health alerts, newsletters, Latest Recalls, Mini-Checkups, and family health pages. Reaching over 1.2 million unique users monthly, is consistently ranked among the top 5 consumer health sites by comScore."

National Hurricane Center website for the latest on tropical storms including satellite imaging and aircraft reconnaissance.

Jewish World Review-interesting, free Internet magazine about contemporary Judaism. Click the link above or their banner below to visit their site.


News from The Times in London, England.

Here's a page of beautiful shots of the Northern Lights.

Looking for Sears parts? Here's a Web site that might help.

I know taxes are not such a wonderful topic for most people, but here is a link to the IRS Web site that lists some possible FREE e-filing options.

Low-Cost Medicine Options

In working on a team that is reviewing and updating the church assistance program, I found out about several programs that offers free or low-cost prescription medications to those who qualify for the programs. Below are links to three such programs--Institute-DC, The Medicine Program, and RX-Hope.

The Pfizer for Living share Card Program offers Pfizer medications at the flat price of $15 each prescription to those who are on Medicare, have no prescription drug coverage, and have gross income at or below $18,000 (or $24,000 if filing a joint income tax return). -- This site lists thousands of currently available prescription drugs, identifies the manufacturer, and gives addresses and phone numbers to contact at each manufacturer to ask about eligibility for their free and low-cost programs. They offer to assist in locating any drugs not listed in their current literature. This site also explains about the availability of free and low-cost healthcare mandated by the federal government under the Hill-Burton act.

WHAT'S THE BEST KEPT SECRET of the drug business? You can get your medicine free of charge. Amid the growing furor about rising prescription costs, many patients and doctors aren't aware that the drug companies themselves give away millions of dollars worth of drugs each year. Most people do not know these programs exist. An organization known as The Medicine Program is here to help and cuts the red tape for thousands of eligible Americans. You can request a free brochure/application by calling 1-573-996-7300. -- Founded a number of years ago by the pharmaceutical industry to provide free and low-cost prescription drugs to the needy. Requirements vary by manufacturer and the request must be initiated by a physician.

I have now heard of another possible low-cost prescription medication provider--from a TV show. It's in Canada and the link is below. -- This site run by Torrance Medical Pharmacy, a seven-year old business in Ontario, Canada. Prices are in Canadian funds, and are often considerably less expensive than in the US.

Here's the link to a site with a lot of health resources including information on free medications, indigent drug programs, and Social Security:


Other Cost-Saving Links
Particularly for low-income individuals

There is another government program to help with home energy costs for those with limited income. Programs are often administered by local Human Services agency, or directions can be given through their Utility company itself.  (Directions are often included in Utility Bills themselves.) Here's the link to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) website. The page that will come up is the one that has the state applications list:


Here's another way to get help for those with low income, dealing with getting their homes “weatherized.”  Some of our members have received help beyond any expectations for fixing window caulking, roof repair, and other items.  This type of help is often handled through local counties.  A website to check for members in your congregations who are or may be needing help is:  


Sunset Listing

Want to know when sunset is in your city or area? Click here for a calendar with sunset times listed. You can customize the screen to display the times in any location.

Here's another link--to the US Navy site giving sunset for a whole year for any location.

And lastly, here's a link to the 7th Day Adventist Website sunset calculator. This one is nice because it allows you to get a calendar for the year at your location.


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